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It's Just You and Your Shadow
When endless fire engulfs their hearts,
Greed exhumes their mortal souls,
When the bond of men breaks and parts,
The four horsemen will have taken their tolls,
When the sky breaks apart, clouds upon the ground,
Sword piercing angel's hearts, the bounds so narrow,
When he tears it asunder without a sound,
It's just you and your shadow,
Coyotes hunt, teeth sink into mother's heart,
Guns and knives shed the skin of the sea,
Heaven and hell will be forced apart,
But tell me you'll remember me,
I see the fires burning in their souls,
The golden age it will swallow and smolder,
Yet they smile, gracefully turning to coal,
The time of humanity is all but over.
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Borderlands: Man Behind the Mask
On Pandora, Handsome Jack walked around seemingly unsure and broken in a Hyperion office, likely in Opportunity, he wore his usual attire as he continued to walk in the dim-lit room, he didn't know what to do, a feeling he hadn't felt since he was a child, the only thing on his mind was his daughter's recent death at the hands of the Vault Hunters, the didn't pay attention to the cyan lighted wiring crossing the room to his Computer, or the bright yellow paint covering the walls, or his ECHO Device, which beeped for an incoming call from Blake. Jack couldn't even speak, who could if they just witnessed their daughter's death. Jack, sat down, his head still down, confused, revenge didn't even come to mind, just death, his hands started to shake, and Jack experienced an almost tunnel vision effect, he put his still shaking hands to his head and pulled off his mask, setting it gently on his desktop, his face was badly bruised and had a blue vault symbol across it, this was Jack, he spoke
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Destiny the Video Game: Cold Day
Earth's Moon: Approximately 10 Miles from the Hellmouth crater...
Earth looked beautiful from the moon, like a gleaming ball of blue and white, most of the land was gone after the fall of the Golden Age, it almost seemed peaceful from the moon. Like earth right after it was formed, no life, just a quiet, cold day. The guardian looked through his visor, gold in coloration, but from another person's view, black and barren. He stared through his visor, lost in the peaceful gaze, but he would always be whisked back to the sad reality by the loading of rifles, explosions in the distance from Fallen troops screwing up, or just radio chatter. He glanced back at his squadmates, a Titan and Warlock, the titan in his Knight reminiscent armor, a Golden Eagle plated chest, and Helmet like a medieval knight, fiddling with his detonator, the Warlock, almost looking like a monk, if not for the helmet and sub machine gun, practicing the magic he had been given by the traveler, the fire d
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Borderlands 2 Thrift Shop Parody
NOTE: While it does contain some vulgar language, there is not much, and it is not really cursing to an extent, if you dislike this do not read the song below.
  {Tiny Tina}
Hey Mayamore! can we go gun looting?
load, load, load, loader, load, load, load, loader, load
badass, badass, badass, badass, badass, badass, badass, badass, badass
I’m gonna buy some guns, got about seven whites in my backpack, looking for a volcano, maybe an infinity, that is a nice Rider.
nah walk up to Moxxi’s bar like “I got a big blade”
I’m so pumped about my loot from the crate
Midget head on the spear, it’s so damn caustic
all the bandits like, “damn, that’s a nice-ass rocket”
Riding in, blood deep, heading to terramorpous peak
but I’m only on normal playthrough so all the enemies are weak
Low on eridium, Loaders are always followin’ me
Probably shoulda refilled, Stalkers are on to me (hiiisssssss)
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ERBOH: Tiny Tina versus Achmed the Dead Terrorist
Epic Rap Battles Announcer: Epic Rap Battles of History!!! Tiny Tina........ Versus....... Achmed........ Begin!
Ahcmed: Hello there...... Infidel, I'll do more then kill you and I can tell, your body language is saying, "Please don't hurt me.", leave the bombs to real men and grow up you flea, I'll get Walter and Bubba J to smack your *ss, now go back to math class, I'm the ultimate terrorist, you strike fear into cupcakes, stop pretending to be a vault hunter and start finding some dates!
Tiny Tina: I'm a thirteen year old monster boy you better be scared, your already dead and alone with no friggin hair, a terrorist that is a little stretching, more like a halloween costume, my babies are already retching, you couldn't even make your own son want to be a bomber, I'm gonna burn all yo babies so go back to Osama!
Ahcmed: I don't like to be a p*ick, but your parents were killed by a brainless idiot named Flesh Stick, your buddy Roland's dead he was the only family you had, so go ahead
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ERBOH :Handsome Jack vs Vaas Montenegro
Epic Rap Battles Announcer: Epic Rap Battles of History!!! Handsome Jack..... Versus...... Vaas Montenegro..... BEGIN!
Vaas Montenegro: Do you know what insanity is, playing your game, you need your own daughter to get you fortune and fame, a couple of weak vault hunters could stop you, let's see how long it takes for me to loot drop you, You think your prosthetic face can handle my power, I am a true evil, you are a robot making coward, build some friends you freaking psycho, cause after this you're gonna need someone to hold you while I bite you!
Handsome Jack: Hey there kiddo, you think your king, trust me you're a savage, i've got the bling. I found an ancient alien relic you sold drugs, go back to you're jungle village with your thugs, my loaders could kick your scrawny *ss in a sec, feel that fire, i'm going to have to slice you're neck.
Vaas Montenegro: I am a savage truely insane, you are a jerk who probably has a tumor on his brain, cover up that face cause even Claptrap don't
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Epic Rap Battles of History:Altair vs L. H. Oswald
Epic Rap Battles Announcer: Epic Rap Battles of History!!! Altair..... Versus..... Lee Harvey Oswald....... Begin!
Lee Harvey Oswald: Well well, what do we have here, Looks like some beak-hooded freaky *ss emo q*eer, I'm on the front page of the history, why you're even here is a mystery, I am a man, your a wuss, go back to your stupid *ss Animus!
(Altair puts up both of his arms and his hidden blades shoot up as he smiles)
Altair: What I understand is you killed one guy in a car, as assassins go you, literally lowered the bar, I killed hundreds in my crusades, you killed one guy driving a freaking Mercedes, I'll shove my blade strait up your "ss you wimp, then try to run away with that limp!
(Lee smirks and pulls out a handgun)
Lee Harvey Oswald: I got away with the murder of John F. Kennedy, I'm the public enemy, You are a stain on the history of the game, even Connor says your lame, you can't run or hide from me in your little haystack, I have guns, I can kick your *ss and that's a
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Shepard's Night Off
*Warning: Contains some Vulgar Language by none other than Zaeed Massani.
Shepard sat outside on this steps in his usual N7 Jacket, he had taken out a picture of him and Tali on Rannoch, and smiled at it as a Shuttle drove up, and he quickly put it in his pocket, his best friend Garrus Vakarian emerged. They shook hands and welcomed each other, Shepard than got in the excessively large shuttle, which reminded him of a limousine. He sat next to Legion, who was by Zaeed, Zaeed looking angry, as usual. Zaeed welcoming Shepard as did Legion. The crew engaged in a conversation soon after Garrus came in and the car started again, Shepard saying:
"Zaeed, Legion how have you been?"
Zaeed responds in his usual pissed tone, "Friggin pissed. I have been sober for FOUR HOURS....."
The passengers stare at him, and Legion begins talking, "We have had success in building Rannoch again, with the help of the Quarians."
Shepard smiling and saying, "Good to hear."
Legion replying, "We have also accessed
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Mass Effect: Mercenary
It has been some time since the attack on the Citadel, Garrus sat on a bench going through a listing of supplies he will need for his next trip, going to Omega to meet a Turian contact, as he was leaving on an Alliance Shuttle, Liara stopped by she spoke to him with a dismayed yet still charmed look saying, "Are you sure you want to leave for Omega?" Garrus jumping up his eyes still focused on the datapad, moving towards a crate he spoke saying, "I have to Liara. I need to get the Galaxy ready to stop the Reapers, even if that means taking down the bad people. You know C-SEC denied my requests." Liara responding with, "I know." a troubled look taking over her face, as Garrus picking up a small backpack put unsteady over his hinged left shoulder and a Sniper rifle in his right hand, he gave Liara a smile telling her, "I'll be fine." As Liara putting up a smirk as Garrus walks toward the Shuttle, next to his Crates of Weapons and Ammo showing, as the shuttle door closes abruptly and leav
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Half an Hour before the devil knows you're dead
Shepard just witnessed an explosion of Red, as he destroyed the Area the Catalyst instructed him to, he was finally ready to die, he closed his eyes thinking about the people he cared for, Garrus, Tali, Joker, Anderson, them all... His crew, he shot one final blast as he smiled white filled his eyes, the white began to close as a face was visible, a green face, a familiar face. Shepard recognized even in the blinding white, it was Thane Krios, he smiled, and Shepard knew he was dead, before anyone said anything Thane said:
"Shepard, You did it."
In his usual tone, his Keprel's Syndrome now cured, he seemed happy to be at rest, as Shepard approached Thane he held out his hand, to which Shepard grabbed as Thane disappeared into white, the Commander called out his name, as Shepard looked around he was in a different place, he remembered it, It was Rannoch, on the Ledge of a beautiful mountain, with Plants growing all around, as he stood looking around, a figure approached, as it got close
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Well, I will start by saying hello everyone. My name is FireballWarrior, or in short just call me Vin. I like video games as evident. I can't really write this happily, I am dealing with a lot. The girl I like may not like me back, don't have many friends. Just...... a lot. I won't let that stop me from making fanfiction and art though. Anyway thank you all, I will see you later, ;)

                                                                                                                         Best Regards


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